DIVERSITY COUNCIL

                              Our Mission

                              The Council dedicates its time and effort to assist the CBS Corporation to meet its goals in
                              Diversity and Inclusion in both the letter and the spirit of those goals. In so doing, it supports
                              and strengthens efforts company wide to:

                              • Build representation of diverse groups throughout our workforce at every level
                              • Identify the best practices from across divisions that help build the careers of diverse employees and work to communicate the benefit of those practices to implement them companywide
                              • Continue the process of identifying diverse suppliers to build their ongoing role in the provision of goods and services to the company
                              • Strengthen the dialogue across the corporation around the topics of Diversity and Inclusion – building bridges between divisions, corporate groups and employee groups devoted to this important topic
                              • Provide outreach to the communities we serve through employee engagement, partnerships, mentoring and informational forums
                              • Enhance and build robust communications vehicles centering on diversity efforts, outreach and initiatives


                              Diversity is a business imperative. It is only when you create an environment where inclusive voices are at the table and involved in the decision making process that you reach the most effective and innovative business solutions, and that must be an intentional process.

                              - Josie J. Thomas

                              Executive Vice President
                              Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer
                              Chair CBS Diversity Council
                              CBS Corporation

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                              Diversity Blog

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                              Upcoming Events


                              National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association 2019 Convention

                              Sponsoring and Participating: CBS Corporation/CBS News National Lesbian & Gay Journalist


                              CBS NEWS AT NLGJA NEW ORLEANS

                              THURSDAY, AUGUST 29 Time: 10:15 AM - 11:15 AM

                              The Diversity Institute has four components which are designed to provide program participants with access to the decision making process in network television both in front of and behind the camera. Each of the elements described below offers a unique approach to professional relationship building and career development in Hollywood.

                              Supplier Diversity

                              Our Commitment

                              At CBS we are committed to the advancement of an environment that promotes a diverse supplier base. We engage in a multi-faceted approach in order to foster a vibrant diverse supply base which is reflective of the communities and customers that we proudly serve with our content every day:

                              Internal Outreach: Through internal communication channels, we engage the operating groups within CBS to promote opportunities for diverse supplier

                              External Outreach: Through engagement with regional and national advocacy groups,CBS strives to discover and engage qualified diverse suppliers and match them with potential opportunities across the CBS organization

                              Utilization: Utilization of diverse suppliers is measured on an ongoing basis, with a focus on driving spend with qualified diverse vendors

                              Verification: We utilize external, non-biased information to regularly review the certification information of our diverse suppliers

                              Contact Information

                              CBS Corporation Strategic Sourcing, suppliers@cbs.com

                              Additional Supplier Documents

                              To view the CBS Supplier Compliance Policy, click here.

                              To view the CBS Data Protection and Security Requirements, click here.

                              My CBS Journey

                              My CBS Journey Compilation

                              Josie Thomas

                              Bill Whitaker

                              Amanda Armstrong-Frank

                              Catrice Monson

                              Conway Shui

                              Court Passant

                              Doug Robinson

                              Michelle Miller

                              Employee Resource Groups

                              CBS recognizes the value of employee support. To that end we have employee resource groups in
                              place to provide a platform for employee ideas and projects and to foster interdepartmental
                              networking, diversity and inclusion.


                              The CBS Diversity Employee Networking Group

                              CBS PRIDE

                              CBS PRIDE is the CBS Corporation LGBT and Allied Employee Resource Group.


                              CBS Women’s Networking Group


                              EYE Speak


                              CBS Veterans Network